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Get the Best Protection for What Matters Most to You.

Welcome to Valsh Executive Protection Services, where we prioritize keeping you and your close loved ones safe wherever you go. Now, nothing is more precious than life. Unfortunately, the world is not so safe, and dangers surround us everywhere, more so when in public.

And if you are a successful businessperson, a famous person, a company executive, or someone with a lot of money, your safety and life are at a much higher risk.

That is why investing in our executive protection is crucial. At Valsh Executive Protection, we believe in providing professional personal security that gives you confidence, comfort, and peace of mind no matter where you are. Our job is to help you feel safe while being discreet enough not to draw too much attention.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-profile and wealthy people, in southern California, southern Florida, and the New York Tri-State Area, the best executive protection wherever they go.

Our Story

Our story, like many others, began with a desire to fill a market void. Being in the security space themselves, our founders noticed that security threats to public figures and high-net-worth individuals were becoming more sophisticated by the day, making it more difficult for the security companies of the time to handle. There was also an increase in demand for personal security services that could not only match these threats but were also highly professional and discrete.

So, drawing from these needs, Valsh Executive Protection was born. Since then, our founders, who have decades of combined industry experience, have built a formidable team of executive bodyguards and security personnel. Our system includes field agents, that is, skilled personnel who accompany you wherever you go to keep you safe, and a 24/7 intelligence/support department that is there to monitor, assess, and respond to threats.

We currently have long-term working relationships with clients across Southern California, Southern Florida, and the New York Tri-State Area.

Still, our story continues to take shape as we improve our strategies, technologies, and staff training to keep up with the industry as well as better serve you and our other clients.

Who are our clients?

Valsh Executive Protection serves all kinds of clients in the Tri-State Area, as well as southern California and Florida. You can benefit from our services if you are:

We also render our services to individuals who may feel at risk because of previous or ongoing online threats. All in all, we aim to make you feel safe enough to live your life to the fullest. You can hire us to protect not only yourself but also your close family members.

What Sets Our Security Services Apart?

When choosing a security detail for yourself and your family, you want to make sure you pick professionals who are up to the task. That is, be able to plan and handle security needs without any issues. And Valsh Executive Protection is exactly that—a security service with a difference.

Why us? Here’s a bit about what makes us a better choice as compared to other security companies:

Extensively trained personnel

Our executive protection personnel are trained in the most advanced security protocols to ensure your safety, whether at work, home, or social events or places. Training programs for our staff are conducted by police special forces as well as private security experts with long-spanning experience. And we keep working to improve the skills and tools of our staff so that they are always ready for any threat.

Real-World Experience on the Job

Our security agents are skilled in personal security services and have experience protecting high-profile individuals and business executives throughout our service areas. We have been in the industry for several years and have gained extensive experience in it. We know how to detect potential threats before they happen and will quickly spring into action to keep you out of harm’s way.

Modern Security Gear and Weapons

Aside from training and industry experience, our agents are also fully equipped with all of the appropriate tools and equipment, such as VIP suits, communication devices, and firearms. As a result, you won’t have to worry about anything. However, you can specify what they should and should not carry in order to meet your needs. Check that they are properly trained to use any weapons they have and that they have the necessary firearm licensing.

All-Round Security Detail

More importantly, we do all-around security preparation beforehand based on your daily schedule. Among other things, our core tasks include route planning, security driving, defensive tactics, tactical firearms, and emergency first response. No matter the situation that arises, you can be sure that our agents are always ready to deal with it.

Are You Prepared for That Extra Personal Protection Detail? For Comprehensive Executive Security, please contact us!

The more people know you and the more success you achieve, the more dangerous the world becomes for you. There’s always danger lurking, even in the most unlikely of places. And once it strikes, it can bring great loss to you or your loved ones, financially or otherwise.

That is why, at Valsh Executive Protection, we are your eyes on the ground so that you don’t have to look over your shoulder constantly. We serve every client with dedication and passion, and we will go above and beyond to help you go about your life without worries.

Ready for a customized security detail that blends with your status? Call us today for an initial consultation.